Recently curious about EADCGF tuning (perfect 4ths). I love 4 string barre cords anyway, and it seems to sort out some nagging issues with my soloing. Liked this post and the interview with Alex Hutchings.


The guys over at Jam Track Central recently interviewed Alex Hutchings, a long time collaborator with JTC and a great jazz/rock/fusion guitarist from the UK, who is local to the South West and I have seen him play in Bath many times.

During the interview Alex answers a number of questions including his usage of the E A D G C F tuning for the guitar. I received a lot of interest from guitar students when I shared this video. So here is an introductory lesson to E A D G C F tuning.

Alex Hutchings Interview January 2011

What is E A D G C F tuning?

The guitar is traditionally tuned to E A D G B E, starting with the 6th string (low E).  The intervalic distance between each of the strings is a perfect fourth (p4), except for the interval between the 3rd (G) and the 2nd…

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