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M-Audio Venom synthesizer selling out cheap at Amazon

If you’re looking for a fun synthesizer to play around with, can’t go too wrong with this thing. And oh, how the mighty have fallen! M-Audio’s first attempt at making a real synthesizer started at $600 and is now on fire sale for $199 at Sweetwater and Amazon. Crazy!


I feel really bad for the folks at M-Audio who worked so hard to make the thing. It’s really not a bad synth at all, and is now being priced just $50 above a Korg Kaossilator?! Again, crazy.



Katana Fret Leveler Video

Sully is one of my recent heroes. Aside from being generally awesome, he puts out a ton of videos on guitar building and repair. I honestly wish he lived down the street from me so I could wander down to his garage a few times a week.

Here’s a video of him demoing a new fret leveler (the Katana) which works with the strings still on (whoa). Anyway, I’ll let the master show you more about it while I go order one for myself.